Mi 9 – A First Phone to Allow Google Assistant on a Mobile Device


The Xiaomi Mi 9 is a new flagship Android smartphone manufactured by Xiaomi Inc. It was formally announced in January 2021. It is built on the company’s MIUI platform. The Mi 9 will be one of the biggest smartphone releases from Xiaomi in the coming years.

The device is available in two variants, the standard and the transparent edition. The Mi 9 features many high-end features such as augmented reality technology, virtual navigation, professional photography, and high-end imaging functions. Apart from these features, it also offers a neat feature that is called the transparent edition.

What makes the Mi 9 one of the best phones to own from the Mi group is its beautiful design and the power of cloud computing. Unlike most android smartphones, the MIui smartphone runs on top of the mature and powerful Google Android operating system. It has the support of most of the high-end android apps like Gmail, Google Play, Chrome, and many more. However, it also has its own unique MIui user interface that is different from other Android phones.

This unique feature of Mi 9 is what differentiates it from other phones. With the help of internet and various micro processes, users can transfer, browse, edit, and even delete the images, videos, and music stored in their device. The internet functions similarly like an internet phone. Users can access various services from anywhere, anytime. For instance, if they want to watch some movie or play their favorite music track, they can do so just by clicking a single button on the touch screen. And if they want to buy something using their credit card, they can simply use their credit card to make the purchase. Mi 9

The Mi 9 comes with an impressive list of features and options. Some of the main ones include; built-in Bluetooth, dual SIM cards, micro SD slot, front touch wiper, dual camera, voice recognition, infrared camera, and dual LED and laser light. All of them contribute greatly in helping to make the device as advanced and as user friendly as it is. In fact, one can even buy the latest handsets like the Mi 8 or Mi 7 from the net without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

The Mi 9 packs a lot of power and performance into a small and sleek design. One thing that separates this device from others is its ability to allow multiple users to use the same device. Since all the features are packed into a single unit, it is easy to carry and manage. In fact, it has passed the test of time, being the first phone to bring Google Assistant on a mobile device. Although this might seem like the beginning of a new era, we can actually expect more innovative and useful features coming out in the coming months and years from companies like Google and Nokia.

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